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IoT Strategies & Solutions that enhance profitability and resilience.

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    Internet of Things
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Project Overview

Inex Advisors are IoT specialists looking to develop and deploy strategies and solutions that enhance enterprise profitability and resilience in the IoT market.

Context & Challenge

Maintenance Service App began with an investment of $15,000 for a new logo, brand strategy, and responsive website design to help gain more clients int he fast-growing IoT market. With a project timeline scheduled to take roughly for 4-6 weeks to launch, my goal was to create a streamlined experience by redesigning the entire website to help investors understand the key aspects of the Inex Advisors strategies and convey the value it brings

The Process & Insight

I began the project with an in-depth strategy & research meeting that allowed me to collaborate with the Inex Advisors team to outline the problems with the current website design and brainstorm solutions. Part of this process included typography pairings, color palette exploration, and imagery curation. We determined that the current brand was not cohesive and often gave clients a mixed presentation. I also held interviews with the marketing team to better understand the strategies and solutions often deployed to use in the design and brand voice.

The Solution

After the research & strategy session, we determined that a logo redesign, brand update, and website overhaul would help overcome all their current setbacks and problems to cement Inex Advisors as the go to advisors in the IoT enterprise. We decided to create a new color palette that utilized green and switched from illustrations to live photography to better convey the platform to visitors. Furthermore, I redesigned the site on the webflow platform and created a custom CMS (Content Management Suite) to help their sales & marketing team update their website with new case studies, images, and blog entries.

“Advisors bookings doubled month after month since the redesign. It worked just as planned.”

The Results

After fully implementing the brand strategy and launching the new website Inex Advisors has:

  • Expanded their portfolio to include companies in 22 different countries
  • Has deployed strategies for companies that earned over $20 million in sales
  • Brand recognition has increased nearly 10x